Larger than the shadow the man himself cast behind him, Mustafa Kamal Syed is a lovable person in our media since his introduction to all together new medium in the sub-continent in mid sixties of the kast decade - Television. When she skyline of the then Dacca, now Dhaka, took a new look with the sparkling red light at the peak of the TV Antenna on top of a high rise building, Mustafa Kamal SYed was there. Little did he know that with the passage of time, he will contribute so much of the advancement of the media shoulder to shoulder with others, then branded by many as 'idiot's box'.

As he will look back at the twilight of his career, Mustafa Kamal Syed will surely like to take some satisfaction, though his modesty might ask him not to do, at what he has left behind.

From the beginning of his career as a younger producer Mustafa Kamal Syed proved his sincerety. Though he is not as prolific as he could be, he is none the less very productive and innovative. His dramas, musical programmes are landmarks of our TV productions.

One great aspect of the man behind the scene, is his remaining so. Very little of this genre of people can avoid the lure of the effervescent light!

Mustafa Kamal Syed and TV in Bangladesh are almost synonymous. Both have grown near at par, hand in hand. In the subcontinent, TV was then a taboo and our part of the world got it ahead of others in the region and Syed can look back with pride at what he has done with others as one of its founders. This fact itself is sufficient to put a man in niche of history.

Mustafa Kamal Sayed believes in quaility,not in quantity.His contributions will transcend beyond posterity,believe those related with art and culture and will be source of inspiration for those now in the fray and for those coming in future.

[Written by - Fakhruzzaman Chowdhury, a critic and a former government official now solely devoted to writing both in Bangla and English. Also the recipient of most coveted Bangla Academy literary award of the country.]


Educational and Service Background
His name is Mustafa Kamal Sayed, a graduate of Dhaka University. In 1967, he joined erstwhile Pakistan Television Corporation in Dhaka as a Producer. During his long career in television, he served in various capacities as Program Executive, Program Manager, General Manager, Director International Relations and Deputy Director General (program). He retired from Bangladesh Television on 14 January 2004 and joined private satellite channel NTV (International Television Channel Limited) as chief of program. He is also an established voice caster for National Radio and Television and director of TV and radio plays.

Training Abroad
- Attended TV Producers Training and Certificate Course in the Central TV Institute in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1966.
- Attended Television Training Course in Federal Republic of Germany in 1969.
- Attended Broadcasting Management Course held in Japan in 1979.
- Attended Media Management Training Course held in Australia in 1981.

Travel Abroad (Professional)
- Attended as special representative from Bangladesh Television to cover 8th Asia Games held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1978.
- Attended the 7th International Public Television Screening Conference INPUT 84 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA in 1984.
- Participated as a media personnel, in the 25th Anniversary of the Reign of his Majesty King Hasaan II of Morocco in 1986.
- Participated as a media personnel, in the 25th Anniversary of the Reign of his Majesty King Hasaan II of Morocco in 1986.
- Attended a Multi-Regional International Visitor Project "Television Broadcasting" held in the United States in 1987.
- Attended SAVE (SAARC Audio Visual Exchange) meeting held in Male, Maldives in 1991, Katmandu, Nepal in 1992, twice in Islamabad, Pakistan in 1994, and Sri Lanka in 1996.
- Visited Canadian Open Learning Institutions in Canada in 1993.
- Attended World Summit on Television and Children in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.
- Attended NTV Cultural Program in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in 2008.

Travel Abroad (Private)
- Private visit to the United States in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2015.
- Private visit to the Singapore in 2012 to attend Channel i award ceremony.
- Private visit to Canada in 2001, 2006, 2010 and 2015.
- Private visit to Bangkok, Thailand in 2000.
- Performed Umrah and Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1995.

Awards and Achievements
- Recipient of National Award for the Best Music Producer of Television in 1975.
- Recipient of Bangladesh Film Journalist Association Award for the Best TV Drama Production "Kul Nai Kinar Nai" in 1985. This play was telecast in 4 May 1988 from Japan NHK's 3-CH Network and has earned high appreciation. It was also telecast from CCTV in China.
- Recipient of Nattoya Shava Award for the Best TV Drama Production "Bandhu Amar" in 1988.
- Recipient of Sher-E-Bangla Sriti Award for his contribution in the field of TV Drama in 1988.
- Recipient of Tenasinas Drama Award in 1994.
- Recipient of the Mother and Children Clun (MMC) "World Health Day Awards in 1990 for the contribution to the field of TV Drama.
- Served as the International Jury for the 1986 ABU Prize Competition (TV Program) held in Istanbul, Turkey in 1986.

Biographical Listings
- Men of Achievement (15th edition, published in England).
- Who's Who in the World (10th and 11th edition published in the United States).


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